Tina Gibbard

Artist's Statement

My paintings are split between landscapes and interiors, with a crossover between the two genres, but both reflect my interest in the setting of a scene, and psychological tension.

In my landscape paintings I engage the viewer  in scenes which seem frozen, silent, yet with the anticipation of unknown events to come.  The paintings are timeless, with no human figures or modern buildings shown to give guidance as to the date of the scene.  They also feature unusual viewpoints - looking out from the middle of a lake, or gazing upwards through trees, to highlight the isolation and the oddness of the scenes.

I have depicted isolated areas of rural Finland, near Lapland where my family is from. Following artists' residencies, I have also painted scenes based on Iceland and Maine. 

After completing a postgraduate diploma in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design, I widened my subject matter.  I was still using nature, but in a different way.  These paintings involved bringing what rightly belongs outside, into an interior.  I explored this idea through depicting wallpaper, which itself has the pattern of flowers and trees and hints at an exterior world.  I have added insects and animals, and elemental forces such as fire and water, to give these interiors a life of their own.  The spatial construction of the paintings alter as these natural elements creep and flow.  There is a lack of control in these interiors, a hint at forces quietly working to their own agenda, without the inhabitants of the house knowledge.   Boundaries are being crossed between the living and the dead, artificial and non-artificial, interior and exterior.

My most recent work consists of both interiors and landscapes with the unifying element being opposing figures e.g. two toy horses, two birds, a deer and a bear.  The figures meet but questions surround their relationship and the tensions between them.